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1. What is StoneFAQ?
is a fully functional easy to use FAQ program with seach capability, unlimited categories, NO NEED for mysql database only text base and with NO compicated setup just upload it and its done, it uses only one(1) PHP file.

2. How to add my FAQ contents?
just open your favorite text editor and start typing in the first line the Question and in the next line the answer and so on, save it with .faq extension and the script will automatically read this.

3. How to create the Category name?
The filename of your text FAQ file will be the Category name in the FAQ section.

4. How to sort my category.
To sort which categories to be first, just add a number of the first character of your filename ( ex. 1About_FAQ.faq, 2Others.faq )

5. How to remove the underscore( _ ) in the filename?
The script will automatically replace any underscore with space.

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